by Norman Davis


Thursday, January 14, 2010

Week 2

Ok. So, no updates in a week. What’s up? I needed to move to weekly updates. The daily logs are hard to maintain and do the 30-60-90 diet at the same time. And, yes, there was some falling off of the proverbial wagon.

My weight? A week after I started the diet, I weighed in at +1 pounds. Huh? I couldn’t believe it! I just knew that maybe 3 or 4 lbs had simply slid right off. Baffling! I mean, I really felt GREAT! Well, I think that this was a little more discouraging than I expected. I know you want ALL the juicy details about just how I fell of the wagon, how hard I hit the ground and how long I stayed down there. Let’s just say that the whole 3-day episode included a grilled cheese, some of those yummy cookies my grandmother made—remember? I was avoiding them in the car—and much more than my 6 oz daily ration of meat. Ok, that’s it for the catching up for now. Back to the 30-60-90 diet. This week I’ve been making more of an effort to hit the stairs at work every day, figuring that I need much more exercise to hit my goal. I’m also planning to visit the gym a few times a week—I’ll be sure to update you on the success of that one! So now, having to lose 61 pounds, today is officially, “Weigh Day #2”. Stay tuned for my results tonight!

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