by Norman Davis


Monday, January 4, 2010

Day 3

My morning on Day 3 was less anxious, since I was able to stock up on the good stuff the day before. After some yogurt, fruit, and a pair of lean ham & egg white breakfast sliders, I prepared for the long drive back to Wisconsin. I found that I had quite a bit of energy on the third day. On the road, I did break the "no eating in the car" rule, but what are you going to do on a 7-hour road trip? I made good choices, though: a delightful, fully loaded veggie sandwich on wheat; no cheese and just a little olive oil. Nice! While the kids enjoyed my grandmother's chocolate chip cookies, I focused on the road and my flavored sugar-free gum. A grilled chicken salad for dinner capped my daily ration of meat and veggies. I still had a bundle of energy even after the ride home. As I tried to drift off, TV commercials were driving me crazy with all of the WRONG food choices. Maybe just keep the tube turned off for a while. So far so good!

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