by Norman Davis


Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Day 4

Whew! Today was an interesting one (the word interesting here actually means scary). The day began pretty normal. I took the day off from work after the long weekend away, so I figured I had time to really hone in on the food plan. I started the day off pretty light--and I think this was my first mistake. Having only 2 egg whites, less than 2 oz of ham, and a small roll for breakfast was not enough. Late in the morning, after some vigorous devotional time, I noticed that I felt shaky, almost faint. I realized that I had eaten almost no carbs and that my blood sugar was probably very low. I rushed upstairs to the kitchen and devoured two oranges. Still feeling shaky, I went for the cold cereal and 1% milk--two medium bowls (see how I snuck the 'medium' in there?). Sugar? Yes. Fat? No. These were still within the guidelines of the 30-60-90 plan: max out foods with less than 10% fat, eat mainly foods with less than 20% fat and nothing over 30%. Still, in a bit of uncertainty, I put down a few planks of graham crackers for good measure. Stabilization complete. For lunch, I had a medium (real medium) portion of spaghetti noodles with meat (barely) sauce. It was good. Stabilization maintained. I think the pasta really helped. I was proud that I drank plenty of water today. Dinner was dirty rice, green beans, and cornbread, compliments of my wife and all without unnecessary added fats. I almost made the 20 minute mark with that one. This was a good learning day. I realized that I don't have a lot of wiggle room for error since I'm not eating nearly as much. The name of the game today? Balance!

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